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Total Mobility is a nationwide scheme aimed at giving people with disabilities mobility options. Waikato Regional Council administers Total Mobility cards for Whitianga.

The scheme provides financial assistance, giving registered users up to a 75% discount on taxi fares up to a maximum subsidy. The user pays the other potion of the fare to the taxi driver. People who use the scheme must carry a valid Total Mobility photo ID card to access the discounted fare.

The scheme is open to people of all ages living within the city or town boundaries of Whitianga. People living in residential care facilities such as rest homes are also eligible for the scheme.

People who use the scheme must have a physical, intellectual, psychological, sensory or neurological disability that prevents them from undertaking any one or more of the following components of a journey unaccompanied on a local taxi in a safe and dignified manner:


o Get to the place from where the transport departs
o Get on to the transport
o Ride securely
o Get off the transport
o Get to the final destination

The disability can be permanent, temporary (has lasted, or is expected to last for six months or more) or fluctuating (able to use public transport some, but not all of the time).

Examples of mobility limitations which would qualify for Total Mobility:

If you’re unable to walk to the nearest taxi rank or get on and off a taxi because of pain, respiratory problems, inability to see or hear, you rely on complex walking aids or if you need someone else’s help to get around.


Total loss of or severe impairment of vision which prevents you from using public transport alone Intellectual or psychiatric disabilities which may mean you need help from someone else.


Intellectual or psychiatric disabilities which may mean you need help from someone else.


Please fill out the online form below or alternatively download the PDF version, and send the completed form to [email protected].

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