Ratonga Tamariki ~ Youth Services

 Ratonga Tamariki ~ Youth Services

At Whitianga Social Services we recognise the importance of helping to build a strong foundation of empathy and support in today’s youth, who are the leaders and caregivers of tomorrow.

In collaboration with other stakeholders we regularly run workshops or programmes aimed at youth in order to increase self-esteem and mental and physical well-being.


“OSCAR“ stands for Out of School Care and Recreation.

OSCAR services are after school and school holiday programmes for school-aged children 5 -13 years old.

OSCAR has a focus on play and recreation (rather than schooling), operating outside of school hours and in holiday times, and providing care while parents do other things – work, appointments, etc. It is approved by Oranga Tamariki.

Working parents (depending on level of income) can have this partially or fully subsidised by applying to Work & Income.

Please note: The OSCAR After School and OSCAR Holiday Programmes are now managed offsite.
Contact details for Oscar Explorers:

Phone: 022 307 4164
Email: [email protected]